You consider it unjust that solely the numerous clauses decides, whether you can become a physician or not? That there should be more to it than a mere grade average? You don’t want to wait multiple semesters to be accepted to University? Then you came to the right place!

Don’t let your professional and personal future be determined by just a grade. If you don’t want to give up on your passion for medicine, we support you, making your dream come true.

For a long time now we expierienced friends and family struggling to find a place at university to study medicine in Germany. What never became clear to us is the severe lack of physicians in Germany on the one hand and the artificial difficulties and restrictions to gain access to start your education of medicine on the other hand. Therefore we decided to start an agency that finds you a place to study medicine or pharmacy and supports both during your application periode and your whole stay at the university.

Everybody who has the wish to become a physician should be provided the possibility to attempt this goal!

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